The Seminary of Quebec, A Living Heritage

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David Mendel

Photograph: Luc-Antoine Couturier

A Living Heritage

- Also available in French under the title : Le Séminaire de Québec, un patrimoine exceptionnel.

In 1663, François de Laval founded the Seminary of Quebec, a community of diocesan priests who would help him establish a new Church in North America. For 350 years, inspired by the foresight and vision of their founder, the priests of the Seminary have adapted to changing circumstances, taken on new tasks, and at times faced disasters that threatened the very survival of their institution.

Over the centuries, the Seminary of Quebec has maintained and preserved an exceptional architectural and natural heritage, both in the city and in the countryside. This book presents a visual history of the Seminary, with a special focus on its historic buildings and properties. The legacy of the Seminary of Quebec – its role in the establishment of the Catholic Church, in founding important educational institutions, and in the development of French culture in North America – is nothing less than remarkable..

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David Mendel

David Mendel, President of Mendel Tours, is an architectural historian and renowned speaker. He has often guided heads of state visiting Quebec City, and has organized tours and seminars for more than 25 years. A resident of Quebec’s historic district since 1976, he is President of the Foundation of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity – the first Anglican Cathedral built outside the British Isles – and a member of the Consulting Committee for Religious Architecture of the City of Quebec.

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