The Anglos

The Hidden face of Quebec City 

Volume II Since 1850

Louisa Blair

Quebec City has a hidden past. Pure laine was not that pure after all, even under the French regime. By 1850, the Anglos were nearly half the population. This story is not just about the bosses, it’s also about prisoners, sailors, servants and slaves. Anglophones and francophones may have fought, but they also spoke each other’s languages, fell in love, and produced bicultural children. And most of the English weren’t even English at all. Volume II, covers 1850 to the present day. It reveals how Quebec City anglophones lived the glories and follies of empire and war, and how they ended up as less than two per cent of the city's population. It also tells the little-known story of the tiny but vibrant anglophone "village" of today.

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